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Gary Health Department continues mosquito control across the city

The Gary Health Department continues its efforts to control mosquitos and to minimize the risks of mosquito-borne illnesses in the city of Gary. City health officials have released the city’s mosquito spraying schedule, but remind residents that the schedule is tentative subject to weather conditions and other factors.

Gary Health officials will dispense an environmentally sound chemical throughout the city during the night hours that will be effective in controlling mosquitos and that will prevent new generations of mosquitos from forming. The chemical will work overnight and will dissipate by morning. While we know mosquitos cannot be completely eliminated, the spraying insecticide will assist in reducing the mosquito population.

The Health Department has outlined a mosquito control schedule to better cover all areas of the city. Health officials have divided the city into sections and will spray for mosquitos in each area of the city, Monday through Friday according to this weekly schedule. See map attached that details mosquito spraying routes.

As health officials spray to control mosquitos over the summer, residents are asked to help with mosquito control by removing or emptying any containers with standing water from yards. Also using foggers, yard and bug spray can help to control mosquitos when enjoying the outside.

For more information regarding the mosquito schedule of for health information and services, contact the Gary Health Department, 1145 W. 5th Avenue at 219-882-5565 or email Director Shirley Hawkins at [email protected] or the Health Commissioner Dr. Reuben Rutland, [email protected].

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