Gary Crusader endorses the GSCS referendum


The referendum asks residents to approve an approximately 52 cents per $100 assessed value tax increase. That means a 20-cent-per-day tax increase for the average Gary property valued at $60,000.

The tax increase is expected to bring $8.9 million every year for eight years.

The Crusader encourage residents to vote yes for the tax. Gary schools need help. The special tax aims to increase teacher and instructional staff compensation. The first $1 million raised by the tax would go directly to teachers, many of whom have not received a raise in 12 years.

The tax will also raise funds to improve arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities (enrichment activities are important for our students, and they deserve the same opportunities available to students) in other communities. The tax also aims to strengthen safety and give students more access to a counselor and therapist.

An additional 8 years of funding will be one of the greatest things that we can manage for the coming generations as Councilman William Godwinwrote in an Op-Ed that ran in the Crusader on October 10.

“Passage of this referendum can change the trajectory of our entire city. Better schools mean more investments in housing by residents who want to raise their children in our community. This translates into increased property values for homeowners.”

As a matter of fact should the referendum pass on November 3 the Gary Community School Corporation will be positioned to end Indianapolis’ control of our schools and Gary teachers will finally receive a pay raise after going more than ten (10) years without an increase in pay while being responsible and accountable for increased responsibilities.

When you are filling out your ballot there is only one question that will need to be asked on this referendum, are our children worth it? Are your children worth it? To the Crusader they are and that is why we are asking that you vote yes on the Gary Community School Corporation referendum.

As Councilman Godwin put it, “This is our time. This is our chance, and this is our future. We owe it to our children and to the thousands of alumni who are proud graduates of the Gary schools.”

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