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Gary Census 2020 poster contest

The Gary Census Complete Count Committee (“GCCC”) recently launched the Gary Census 2020 “I Count, You Count” and “Because You Count, Be Counted” poster contest. The contest is part of an effort by the GCCC to promote the importance of completing the census questionnaire and to increase response rates from Gary’s hard-to-count populations. The contest is open to all Gary public, private and charter school students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each of the following categories:

Pre-kindergarten: a prize of $50.00; elementary a prize of $100; middle school a prize of $200; high school a prize of $300 and a grand prize of $500.

The grand prize will be awarded to the artist whose poster best illustrates and communicates the importance of Gary citizens being counted in the 2020 Census. All prizes will be awarded in the form of gift cards.

Posters must be on or mounted on poster board with a minimum size 16” x 20” and maximum size of 20” x 24”.

Posters must be a graphic and may be executed in any 2-dimensional medium (oil, acrylic, markers, pastel, etc.).

Submissions will be accepted from the following categories of participants and around the following themes: pre-school/elementary “My Census, My Home,” middle school “My Census, My City,” and high school, “My Census, Gary’s Future.”

Additionally, each submission shall carry one of the following taglines: “Gary Census 2020: I Count – You Count” or “Gary Census 2020: Because You Count, Be Counted.” Posters must be entirely original art and submitted in required size.

The deadline for submissions is January 16, 2020.

In 2020, Gary residents will have a once-in-a-decade opportunity to unlock millions of dollars in federal funds that can help to address some of the city’s most pressing needs.

The Census is used to fund $675 billion in federal programs, including for roads and bridges, public schools, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps), the National School Lunch Program, Section 8 housing, head start and Community Development Block Grants, among other things.

The winning posters will be announced January 17, 2020. Winners will be notified by a representative of the Gary Complete Count Census Committee.

For more information on the Gary Complete Count Census Committee Poster Contest contact Justin Harris at 833-384-85431 Ext 725 [email protected].

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