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Gary Air Show set for July 8-9 at Marquette Park

As the spring season swings into high gear, it’s not too early to start planning for the 2017 Gary Air Show, which will be held July 8-9 in Marquette Park.

This time of the year, everyone is ready for summer events and beach days. Gary residents and visitors to the South Shore will be able to combine both of these favored summer pastimes and enjoy the beloved Gary Air Show at Marquette Park beach.

The United States Navy and the United States Army will be the featured acts for the 2017 Gary Air Show. Spectators will be able to marvel at the tandem flights of the Navy’s Blue Angels as well as the free falling and parachute maneuvers of the Army’s Golden Knights. In addition, several acts such as Lima Lima and other high flying acts are also scheduled to perform.

The Gary Air Show will also provide many food, merchandise, education and nonprofit vendors to cater to a variety of show-goers of all ages.

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UNITED STATES ARMY parachutists nicknamed “the Golden Knights” travel the country performing parachute demonstrations. The team is comprised of 13 airborne soldiers. The full team has more than 90 people including jumpers, pilots, parachute technicians, administrators, as well as media relations and supply specialists.

Marquette Park is easily accessible by car from all directions, but not far off the Indiana Toll Road.  For those interested in public transportation, the South Shore Line stops just a few blocks from where all the action is set to take place.

The Gary Air Show planning team is in search of organizations to assist in various volunteer activities, which include but are not limited to, working in remote parking lots, assisting with shuttle bus loading/unloading and assisting attendees with special needs.

The Blue Angels flight demonstration team is more than just a group of individuals. Brought together to represent the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps, this team combines the best and brightest, at the top of their craft. Their camaraderie and chemistry assure the team mission is more than just a job – it’s a passion!

Since 1946, the Blue Angels have flown for more than 260 million spectators. The Blue Angels are an American air show favorite and delight audiences across the country with their precision, speed and aerobatics. During their aerobatic demonstration, the Blues fly six F/A-18 Hornet aircraft, split into the Diamond Formation (Blue Angels 1 through 4) and the Lead and Opposing Solos (Blue Angels 5 and 6). Most of the show alternates between maneuvers performed by the Diamond Formation and those performed by the Solos.

U.S. AIR FORCE pilots demonstrate their aerial acrobatics during an air show performance.

The United States Army Parachute Team, nicknamed “The Golden Knights,” is the U.S. Army’s official aerial demonstration team. The Team travels around the United States, performing parachute demonstrations at air shows, major league football and baseball games, and special events, connecting the Army with the American people.

The Team originated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, home of the airborne, in 1959. At the time, the Russians dominated the relatively new sport of skydiving, and were unbeatable at the international competitions. Thirteen intrepid airborne soldiers saw an opportunity to beat the Soviets at their own game … and began practicing to meet the world as the first U.S. military parachute team. Success came quickly, as the team began bringing home gold medals and winning the hearts of the American public.

The fledgling Team’s mission was to assist in the development of modern parachuting techniques, to provide world-class competition parachutists, and to perform live aerial demonstrations in support of Army public relations and recruiting. In 1961, the Team adopted their nickname, “The Golden Knights.”

Over the past 50 years, the Team has grown to more than 90 people, including jumpers, pilots, administrators, parachute technicians, and media relations and supply specialists. The demonstration teams perform more than 100 demonstrations a year with the help of the Team’s four dedicated aircraft. The Tandem section takes soldiers and VIPs on tandem skydives, and the Competition section continues to win at several national and international competitions per year.



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