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Galentine’s Day is the Real Valentine’s Day for Girlfriends

While most are readying for Valentine’s Day, lifelong BFFs of The Force of Friendship (FOF) see February 13, Galentine’s Day, as the real holiday. For them, it’s yet another opportunity to empower, uplift and celebrate their more than 30-year friendship.

Friendship for these seven women is not coincidental or contrived. It is honest sisterly love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Throughout the more than 30-year friendship, the women have experienced the pendulum from joy to pain that life can bring. Successful careers. International travel. Marriage. Motherhood. Divorce. Abuse. Death. Yet through it all, they remain a solid support system for each other, providing encouragement and consoling, and say their bond continually deepens.

Experts say that although friendship is one of the most critical elements of our lives, it also is the most least understood. Laura-Miller explains in Ebony, “Women were created to have confidants. It has been studied and verified in the Harvard Medical Journal that there is healing power when women seek friendship and sisterhood…”

BOOK JACKET FORCE OF 15“A good friend knows your best stories and a best friend has lived them with you,” explains Caterina Harris Earl in “The Force of Friendship: 100 Powerful Inspirations,” the new book she co-authored with her six besties. “While it seems as if it is so hard for us to find the time to connect, when we do – it’s magical. Friends remind you of who you really are. They have a way of giving you wings to fly when you are feeling defeated and help keep you humble when you are a little too full of yourself.”

“I have always believed that you become most like the people with whom you choose to spend your time,” FOF girlfriend Gloria Mayfield Banks shares in her inspirational message. “People can have a great influence on us. That is why we must choose our circle of influence wisely.”

Having such a special, long-lasting friendship between seven women led Nora Shariff-Borden to recommend to her six BFFs that they formalize their relationship by forming The Force of Friendship. “What I love about having a friendship with these amazing women is that we inspire each other and travel the world together, all while bringing laughter and joy to each other’s lives,” remarks Shariff-Borden. “Our love for each other inspired us to write this book of inspirations, which we hope will inspire people everywhere, especially women, to live your dreams, own your power, and find friendships as meaningful and beautiful as ours.”

The seven girlfriends formed the Force of Friendship to spur a national movement among women and girls to empower, encourage and celebrate each other. “The Force of Friendship: 100 Powerful Inspirations” is a 100-page collection of quick and easily digestible daily affirmations written by all seven girlfriends that covers such topics as faith, mindset, leadership, courage, success, belief, love, dream, fear, and of course, friendship.

In addition to the book, the FOF circle of friendship is conducting webinars and touring the country to help motivate and show women how to make friends, how to be a good friend, as well as how to nurture and cultivate good friendships with girlfriends that are free of cattiness and drama. Their “Rock Your World with Courageous Girlfriends” webinar provided insights on: developing quality friendships in a new city; balancing personal and business friendships; supporting a friend through singleness, divorce, and abuse; and comforting and supporting friends who are caregivers. For more information, visit Connect with The Force of Friendship:;; forceoffriends.






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