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GA Vote Military and Veterans

By Diana D. Danis

Chicago Crusader Voices Service: Women Who Serve A runoff election for the ages

In just a few days the votes will be tabulated in Georgia, deciding the future of the Biden administration. Military and veterans have a lot riding on this election.

Issues of voting rights, women’s constitutional equality, and federal oversight around how we vote, coupled with national security for every vulnerable department of government are of paramount concern.

Where our troops are stationed, their training, support systems, safety, retooling of how crimes in the military against women and men are addressed, sit in stacks of unpassed law on desks across the capitol.

For veterans, strong legislation to provide real safety, security, access, protection and reporting mechanisms for both women and men needing healthcare and better dispersal of benefits, including education and compensation are at risk. The third part of that is returning to proper burials – something lacking for nearly this entire year.

Winning these two seats likely means the best chance in decades for the people of Washington, DC to receive “state” status and seating two Senators in a city filled with military and veterans.

For Georgia, the influx of people to join Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight national voting rights initiative and engage in a myriad of ways in this election cycle have meant both economic and employment opportunities. By the time the last vote is counted, projections are that well over a billion, with a B, dollars will have dropped into the state.

It has put needed funds into the hands of small and medium sized businesses – especially minority, women and veteran owned companies.

All that said, both the military and veterans have some deeply rooted concerns. If we send you money, spend time on the phone banks poking people toward your column on the ballot, what are you going to do for us?

All of our Senators need to take a greater stand for both our military and veterans.

Fewer Americans are donning the uniform and those that are, more often are hailing from families with richness to their complexions.

The hues of Black, Brown, Native, Asians and women from all these realms entering the services are increasing dramatically.

How about a great post-holiday gift of Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossof to ease our lives prior to the inauguration?

A lot of vets, military and their families will get on their cells and peel off some cash, but when it is all said and done, the entirety of Congress needs to give back to lift up all those who carried them on their shoulders to the nation’s center of power.

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Diana Danis


Happy holidays and a bright 2021.

Diana D. Davis is Lead Administrator, Service: Women Who Serve, and an  Advocate, Activist, Writer, Author, Feminist, and Anti-Racist with a world view.

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