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FoundHERS Suite elevates women’s entrepreneurship and community

One of Kind Co-Working Space Offers Premier Services and Support in the
Historic Beverly Neighborhood on Chicago’s South Sid

The FoundHERS Suite, a flex co-working space for women, is set to redefine the landscape of women’s entrepreneurship. The mission to “Amplify Women’s Entrepreneurship Within the Spirit of Community,” will launch at the Grand Opening on Friday, May 31, 2024, noon-2 p.m., at 1808-10 W. 103rd St., 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60643. Along with comprehensive amenities, The FoundHERS Suite’s unique location in the Beverly neighborhood nestled in the heart of Chicago’s South Side, sets it apart. Strategically located near the 103rd Street Metra Station, the premier location provides easy access to specialty shops, restaurants, and community hubs, creating a vibrant and connected work environment. The FoundHERS Suite boasts a vast 2300 sq. ft. space equipped with the latest technology and modern furnishings. Whether it’s a party with a purpose, a meeting of the minds, or a day of relaxation, The FoundHERS Suite is the ideal setting for convening, collaboration, creativity, and connection. 

The FoundHERS Suite is an inclusive hub where purposeful female entrepreneurs come together to exchange insights, resources, and expertise, crafting brand legacies that will leave a lasting impact for future generations. This one-of-a-kind venue offers a unique space where dreams and creativity intersect, fostering community and empowerment among female entrepreneurs. 

“Our mission at The FoundHERS Suite is to foster and encourage the growth of female-led businesses while emphasizing the importance of collaboration and support within a broader social framework,” says Founder and Host, LaTanya Orr. “We believe in empowering women to become entrepreneurs and promoting a sense of community and shared goals within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.” 

The FoundHERS Suite goes beyond traditional co-working as soul-led women entrepreneurs discover more than just desks and chairs – they find a sanctuary where passion and purpose intertwine, giving rise to businesses that resonate with the collective journey. Members and guests will benefit from contemporary amenities such as a podcast studio, two conference rooms, the “HER Soul Room” for spa/therapy, and a welcoming lounge area. 

Contained within The FoundHERS Suite is the Rehoboth Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship. Rehoboth (pronounced ruh-hoh-buhth) in Hebrew means, “A spacious place for you, you shall be fruitful in the land, you will flourish there.” The vision of The FoundHERS Suite is to drive female entrepreneurship through the Rehoboth Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship along with community support and collaboration, uniting women for shared success and empowerment. The comprehensive suite of services encompasses everything from accounting and legal support, to marketing and nonprofit management. 

“My personal mission is to empower entrepreneurial women to unlock their full potential, enabling them to harness their resilience and performance at the pinnacle of their abilities, irrespective of challenges,” Orr adds. 

Visit for more details on offerings such as B2B Boutique Services and the MentHER Lab. The Grand Opening of The FounderHERS Suite is free and open to the public via registration at Attendees will receive an exclusive tour of the venue. Follow The FoundHERS Suite on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay abreast of announcements and events. 


About The FoundHERS Suite 

The FoundHERS Suite is a flagship venture dedicated to amplifying women’s entrepreneurship within the spirit of community. Located in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood, The FoundHERS Suite offers an upscale 2300 sq. ft. space equipped with modern amenities to foster collaboration, creativity, and connection among female entrepreneurs. Learn more at 

About Founder/Host LaTanya Orr 

Brand strategist and certified life coach, LaTanya Orr is known for her ability to strategically create award-winning brand concepts for leading industry experts, corporate executives and ministry leaders throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her highly sought-after expertise in marketing communications, public relations and design spans more than two decades. As the author of “Strike A Pose: 7 Red Carpet Strategies Every Entrepreneurial Woman Must Have,” LaTanya empowers career women to excel. In 2021, LaTanya along with 13 other widows published the highly-acclaimed anthology project, “A Widow’s Resilience: Moving Forward in Life and Love, After Death Do Us Part.” Beyond her creative endeavors, LaTanya is excited to birth a 30-year dream to open a shared, women’s collaborative center that fosters change and empowerment. The FoundHERS Suite is the manifestation of her desire to launch a Chicago-based women’s entrepreneurial network.  

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