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Founder of drum corps for Columbus youth in need of organ transplant

By Glenn McEntyre,

A Columbus man, who many consider a hero, is in need of his own hero.

Marshall Cheatham has dedicated his life to serving others, especially children. He created The Columbus Saints drumline 15 years ago.

“Basically, this drum and bugle corps saved lives. it kept a lot of kids out of trouble, gave them something to do in the summertime, in the evenings… and it all started because they were involved in an activity that kind of kept them away from all the gangs and the drugs and the craziness that was going on, ” he said.

Now Cheatham is waiting on a life-saving gift.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Marshall leaves his home and reports to a dialysis center. For five hours each day, a machine acts in place of his kidneys, which began failing him six years ago.


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