Foundations of East Chicago show support for Meals on Wheels

Foundations of East Chicago, Meals on Wheels
Chef Keith Peffers, Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana; George Weems, President of the Board, Foundations of East Chicago; Rosa Peña, Executive Director, Foundations of East Chicago; Sandra Noe, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana

Foundations of East Chicago donated $36,000 to Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana to purchase a commercial combi oven to help meet the increased demand for Meals.

Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana provided 100,000 more meals last year than ever before – a result of increased demand from seniors and special community partnerships to bring nutrition to people newly facing hunger due to the pandemic. Meals on Wheels delivered over 450,000 meals last year.

The state-of-the-art combi oven helps Meals on Wheels steam, roast, bake, sous vide, and dehydrate food for 1,600 daily meals produced in the regional commercial kitchen in Merrillville.

In the last year, Foundations of East Chicago also awarded funds to Meals on Wheels to:

  • Home-deliver two weeks of free meals to support the recovery of COVID patients leaving St. Catherine Hospital
  • provide medically appropriate meals to high-risk diabetic patients being treated at 219 Health Network
  • provide blizzard boxes to Meals on Wheels clients for emergency nutrition when the winter weather prevented meal delivery
  • purchase shelf-stable meals as a backup measure during the pandemic
  • distribute frozen meals to food insecure families and individuals in partnership with Salvation Army and 219 Health Network
  • purchase critical IT equipment that expanded Meals on Wheels’ capacity to administer the program

“The pandemic has brought challenges in accessing healthy food and preparing meals, as well as the effects of isolation, to the forefront,” said Sandra Noe, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana. “Thanks to the generous investment of Foundations of East Chicago, MOW is meeting that challenge and continuing to be a flexible and creative partner in serving the East Chicago community and beyond.”

“Meals on Wheels is a wonderful partner, bringing critical services to our community every day,” said Rosa Peña, Executive Director of Foundations of East Chicago. “The quality meals, wellness check, and relief from isolation are more important than ever before, and we are proud to be a longstanding partner.”

Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana delivers nutritional meals to people in Lake, Porter, Newton, and Jasper counties, serving over 1,600 meals each day.  Services are available in English and Spanish. Meals on Wheels provides services to all regardless of immigration status. Identification is not required.

To register for St. Catherine COVID patient meals, contact St. Catherine’s social worker or Meals on Wheels directly at 219-756-3663. To donate, register for meals, attend an upcoming event, or volunteer your time, visit

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