Ford Disappointed After Chicago Party


Illinois State Representative La Shawn K. Ford (D-CH) is calling on everyone to reframe from violating the governor’s order to at stay in place and practice social distancing. Ford is disappointed after a party in Chicago went viral. The party was estimated to have over 1,000 people that attended. Though the number was estimated, the video clearly shows the party had a lot of people.

“Those that attended the party put themselves and their family at risk to a virus that is killing Black people more than any other group of people,” said Ford. “This is a sign that some Black youth in Chicago need to believe that they can live another day. The Pandemic is front and center every day for blacks that are 70% of the death and there is no fear of death!”

Blacks in Chicago represent over 70% of COVID-19 deaths. Ford has been working hard to bring supplies to Chicago’s Westside Neighborhood where supplies are limited. Ford was able to help bring 15,000 masks to the Westside Neighborhood with the Mask Up and Live Campaign.

“I see it as a cry for help,” said Ford. “When people put their life at risk it is not normal, as a State Representative, I want to help them. We have some so many people in Chicago that are putting their lives on the line working to stop this spread. I urge the Mayor of Chicago to use her resources to help the misguided youth in Chicago and not take a punitive approach.”

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  1. This is pure ignorance, embarrassing and disrespectful! These kids have no respect for life period and are very selfish! I really hate humanity right now!

  2. Some are apparently immune to intelligence as well as this strain. But nobody is immune to the costs and the damage to our country’s reputation and its future tax payers. The world will be paying the cost for this forever. There is no industrial revolution. There is no new continent to migrate to. There is no Pyramids to build. No new gold rush or diamond mines. No bounce back. It is a new world, a new economy, a new method of survival. The old one was sick and died. Many of these people will end up in the new work camps or in the military. Otherwise they will be in the streets and they can party in the homeless camps in the winter rain and snow.


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