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Flint water crisis: Two Keyplayers Die; What’s Going On?

By Jane Smith,

A woman who filed a lawsuit connected to the Flint water crisis was shot dead on April 13 while a foreman working at the Flint’s Water Treatment Plant was also found dead on six days later.

Sasha Avonna Bell and Sacorya Renee Reed, both 19 years old, were found dead in Ridgecrest Village Townhouses on Tuesday, April 13. A one-year-old boy was unharmed. Bell was one of the individuals who first filed a lawsuit related to the water crisis in Flint, claiming that her one-year-old son was lead poisoned by Flint’s water supply.

Several days later, Saturday, April 16, to be exact, Matthew McFarland, 43 years old, was found dead in his home located in otter Lake. McFarland was said to have died suddenly. The Flint Journal stated that no foul play was involved; however, the cause of his death was still unknown as of April 21. Toxicology reports have yet to be obtained by the authorities, Chicagoist reported.

A certain Malek Emmanuel Thornton, who is 18 years old, was charged with murder for both incidents.

The Flint Journal states that Thornton has been “charged and arraigned on two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of open murder and felony firearm.”

Meanwhile, Attorney Corey M. Stern, Bell’s lawyer, said that Bell’s case will proceed with a representative assigned to her son. Bell’s lawsuit includes names of six companies as well as three past and current government employees who are said to be responsible for water safety in Flint.

According to the Daily Mail, these deaths, when stitched together, become “suspicious” as it could “constitute an effort to cover up the water crisis,” as reported by Natural News.

It can be recalled that the situation regarding Flint’s lead-tainted water made news last year, December when the city declared a state of emergency. Lead has been known to have long-term effects on individuals, especially on children.

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