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Flint-area government employee resigns after he’s recorded calling black residents the N-word

By Shaun King,

For years now, the City of Flint, Michigan, has struggled through the crisis of the toxic water flowing through its pipes and into the homes, schools, and businesses of its residents. The problem remains. All over the city, people are still cooking and bathing with cases of bottled water. The simple filtration systems that have been installed in most homes fail to properly reduce the toxins, so people are forced to crack open bottle after bottle and jug after jug just to safely get through the day.

And through it all, both race and racism have been cited as a root cause for why the people of Flint have experienced this crisis. While the population of Flint is predominantly black and Latino, white officials in other districts outside of the city were often the ones making the flippant and destructive decisions that ultimately destroyed the pipes and ruined the water.


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