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Filthy Rich and Dangerous – Part 2

Beyond the Rhetoric

By Harry C. Alford

Yes, the new Progressive Movement is in full form and they are not taking any “prisoners.”, ACORN and others are basically a memory. When the Obama Administration moved into the White House, just a block away from the beautiful U.S. Chamber of Commerce building, we immediately saw that times for conciliation were not to be. Chaos with no exceptions. Groups using tactics that were close to military. They camped out in some of the prominent parks in Washington, DC nonstop with the blessings of the White House.

These hot heads would arrive with ladders and scale the walls of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce giving the impression of an attack – an attack on corporate America. They would press themselves against the windows on the fourth floor offices and make noise. Marches throughout downtown DC made this fine city look like some third world uprising. They had the contact information on all board members of the Chamber and would send emails, letters and phone calls demanding us to resign from the board. They would harass the neighborhoods of some of our board members causing them to hire security service to protect their families and property. It was hooligan!

My organization had a pretty good relationship with the Washington Post. But suddenly this major publication turned on me personally. While I was in Paris on some important business meetings, a bombshell hit us. There was a very derogatory article about me, Harry C. Alford, and the NBCC. It claimed we have sinisterly teamed with fossil fuels companies to destroy our land, kill the children and spread blight throughout the entire world. It was on the front page, in bold print above the first fold. What brought this change? Why was it so vicious? The answer was this. Multi – billionaire Jeff Bezos had just bought the Post and is an avid Climate Change activist with a hatred for traditional energy companies. He also owns

I decided to find out who this new monster, attacking us and all others who are pro-business and free market loving, was. I found the greatest explanation written by John B. Judis and published in the National Journal:

“There is no single group that dominates the Democrats’ informal network, but the one that has the greatest reach, due to the power of its purse, is the Democracy Alliance. It was founded in 2005 by Rob Stein, a venture capitalist who had worked for master political operative Ron Brown at the Democratic National Committee and Commerce Department.”

Stein went on a mission to grow the Democracy Alliance into a powerful infrastructure to promote their ideas of Income Redistribution, Climate Change, Federal Government Saturation, and Organized Labor Power. He won the confidence of billionaires such as financier George Soros, insurance tycoon Peter Lewis and labor leader Andy Stern among others. He assembled more than 75 individual donors. This group, Democracy Alliance, would pick about 25 groups for its donors to fund. Over the next decade, they would put over $500 million into these progressive organizations. You can accurately refer to these donors as the “Billion Dollar Club” who wants to change our nation upside down. Many have their money through inheritance with a good portion coming from the 1960’s style of street activism. The few Republicans have left and the extremist continue to join in.

Their ideal politicians are Senator Elizabeth Warren and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Who are their funded organizations? Big Labor: SEIU, AFT, CWA, AFL-CIO. Centralized Services: American Bridge, Media Matters, ProgressNow, Catalist, CEL and CMD. Think Tanks: Center for American Progress, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Center for Community Change, Demos and SiX. Issue Activists: Common Cause, Color of Change, League of Conservation Voters, Energy Action Coalition, Fair Share and American Sustainable Business Council and at least 172 other groups.

The above is what all this chaos is about. They want to shake up our wonderful Constitution (doesn’t that remind you of something?) and bring confusion to us and power and more money to them. I would bet money that “Black Lives Matter” is tied into this. They don’t like big business but yet their money comes from the fruits of big business. They want to dictate salaries, lifestyles, and culture and want to blend in all ethnicities and form a super culture that adopts their hideous view of Pollyanna for the masses under their control. This is far from freedom and is, in effect, un-Godly, anti-American and scary at least.

It is troubling that Black America is easily manipulated by such ilk. We take the “Hype” and are quick to serve like volunteer slaves. It is time for us to recognize this surge and make it clear to them. Keep your money and get out of our way.

Mr. Alford is the President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: www. Email: [email protected] .


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