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Film Review: Icon Grace Jones Shines in Lackluster “Bloodlight and Bami” Documentary

By Dwight Brown, NNPA Newswire
3 stars out of 5

Grace Jones is a pioneer, an androgynous model who became a singer, actress and performance artist all rolled up into one. She well deserves a comprehensive biofilm, one that her fans can appreciate and new admirers can adore.

This unique, 10-year in the making slice-of-life documentary may not be what her most ardent followers crave. But it’s something.

Born in Jamaica (1949) and raised outside of Syracuse, New York, she was a shy, repressed daughter of a Pentecostal minister. It was no wonder that Grace rebelled—big time. By the 1960s she lived in a New York City hippie commune, was a go-go-dancer and heralded the effects of LSD. A blossoming modeling career took her to Paris in the ‘70s, where she did runway for Yves St. Laurent, appeared on the cover of Vogue and was roommates with fellow models Jerry Hall and Jessica Lang.


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