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February 2019 – HIV Testing is Still Critically Important

Ever notice how some diseases run their course of popularity and then you start to hear less and less about them? Back in the 80’s and 90’s, the epidemic of HIV grabbed the attention of the masses. There was public panic and a lot of misinformation being distributed.

Once basketball legend Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV positive, scores of celebrities began to endorse awareness campaigns about getting tested and raising funds to find a cure. Fast forward to 2019…while there still is no cure, I am pleased to report that great strides have been made in the treatment of HIV. Unfortunately, these advancements have caused many to forget about the importance of getting tested for the condition. Basically, we have allowed the media to be the loudest voice on what’s the latest health concern. There are still countless individuals contracting the virus and infecting others on a daily basis.

At Community HealthNet Health Centers, we provide confidential HIV risk assessment, counseling and testing. Insurance enrollment and prescription medication discounts are also available through the 340B program. Additionally, our health center provides one-on-one medical case management and medication management with an in-house pharmacist who provides education regarding medication therapy.

Community HealthNet is on a mission to get people living with HIV to come in for treatment and care, while encouraging members of the community to get tested for the virus. Viral suppression is the ultimate goal for every patient living with HIV. Please do not let the stigma around how HIV is contracted deter you and your loved ones from getting tested periodically. The more you know about your health condition, the better your healthcare provider can assist with treatment.

For more information about HIV testing and counseling, contact Community HealthNet Health Center at 219-880-1190.

Go ahead, get tested! Your health matters.

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