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Falsely Accused And Acquitted Black Teen ‘Held Against His Will In Jail’ On Ridiculous Bond Released After Over 2 Years

By A. Woods, NewsOne

A Texas teen named JaTyrone Hollis was kept in a jail cell and away from his family for two-and-a-half years after being wrongfully charged with capital murder. Hollis’ attorney, Justin A. Moore, shared some of the details of the teen’s case in a press release, revealing that not only was he wrongfully accused and spent years in jail against his will, but he was also held on an incredulous $750,000 cash bail.

Moore explained that Hollis was 17 years old at the time when he was “falsely accused by a suspect.” The attorney said the Mesquite Police Department bullied Hollis into confessing, although he “only stated he was merely present.” Moore said that the Dallas DA had evidence to prove that Hollis, who is also called JT for short, did not commit a crime. However, he was still charged with capital murder “out of career ambition.”

“And not to mention, the killer of the victim is still free!” Moore continued. “Two lives, and two families here have been affected deeply. A lot of folks involved need to lose their jobs for a lot of different reasons involved with this case.”

As of Saturday afternoon, Hollis was still being held in Dallas County jail on $750,000 cash bail “after being found not guilty for capital murder when it was determined by a jury that he was falsely accused. He has sat in jail for approximately two-and-a-half years awaiting trial on a bond that was nearly $1 million dollars.”

Moore called for pressure to be applied on Sheriff Marian Brown, who presides over the Lew Sterrett Justice Center in Dallas County, to demand that Hollis be released.

“JT is given a near million dollar bond, JT’s parents hire me, we get a Not Guilty verdict for a Capital Murder-the first time that’s happened in Dallas County, and he is still being held in jail because no one wanted to stick around after business hours to process his release,” Moore tweeted.

Moore explained on social media that because the “clerks office was out for the weekend” his client “would have to wait until next week to be processed or he would have to bond out.” Adding that JT’s family could not afford the $750,000 cash bail.

“The bailiff said, he’d just have to wait in jail a few days if he can’t afford it. How absurd,” Moore said. “He is being held against his will- false imprisonment- under a near million dollar bond…after spending 10% of his life in jail awaiting trial for something he was falsely accused of. He gets found NOT GUILTY and he can’t leave with his family this same day?”

On Saturday evening, Moore revealed that JT was finally released, without his family “spending a dime!”

This article originally appeared on NewsOne.

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