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Experts’ tax tips on what to do before tax code changes

By Alexandra Silets, Chicago Tonight/WTTW

Congress has passed the most significant tax code reform since 1986. The lack of public hearings on the sweeping legislation, which passed in record time, has caused widespread confusion over the tax bill.

The House approved the bill by a 227-203 vote with no Democratic representatives voting for the bill and 12 Republicans voting against it. The Senate passed the bill 51-48 along party lines with one Republican senator, John McCain, not voting. (Prior to the vote, Sen. McCain said he would not be present for the vote and would be in Arizona.)

Because of minor changes in the bill made by the Senate, the House was required to pass the bill again before sending it to the president. The House passed the bill with 224-201 vote on Wednesday with no Democratic support and again opposed by 12 Republicans.


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