Everything “undecided” voters need to know to make up their minds

Vernon A. Williams

What the world witnessed on live television this week was absolutely not a debate between the two presidential candidates. It was a disaster tantamount to the Titanic and a couple of hours of your life you can never retrieve. There is no ambiguity. The incumbent was dishonest, rude, insulting and divisive.

Other than white nationalists and hate groups – which the Republican candidate shamelessly caters to – no one could walk away from that vitriolic exchange feeling all right about what they witnessed.

Those young people watching have no idea how to define civility in the wake of such vindictive dialogue. How do you explain a sitting president running roughshod over both the designated debate moderator and the opponent? It is one thing to be competitive. It is something else altogether different to be contentious.

There is nothing about the current president of the United States that even hints of leadership. He has a penchant to divide citizenry, bully opposition, rant inaccuracies and rage with personal insults that deflect from legitimate issues. His preference is to instigate people who are different to attack and distrust one another. His ‘dog whistle’ has turned into a blaring trumpet.

Just as he did in the aftermath of Charleston, South Carolina, this president refused every opportunity to denounce racism, white supremacy and extremism. If there are any Blacks the Republican Party hopes to woo into the fold in the wake of this rhetoric, they would be better served spending those advertising dollars for defense attorneys that will be needed when he leaves office.

The only thing that matters is ignoring ongoing distractions of a man who has nothing to say that would contribute to the well-being of the broader population in our nation. His myopic approach to leadership will assure him nothing more than that base of 35 to 40 percent. If his intention this week was to sway voters from the middle, he is failing miserably and not even Kanye West can help.

Anyone who identifies as an “undecided voter” at this point is not serious. Forget about the ignominy on his most recent public display for the world to see. Go back years and simply trace the dastardly incompetence this man has consistently demonstrated and make the argument of how he could win your vote.

There are only two reasons anyone could provide to explain casting a ballot for the incumbent. The first, you are more concerned about your wealth than your health or your nation. The second would be you are so racist or sympathetic to racism that nothing else matters.

Play time is over Black America. There is no more time to confuse the truth. In the last election, well-meaning people of color stayed at home, or voted for third-party candidates, because they were disappointed that Bernie Sanders was not on the ticket. That complacency was at least a factor in the ascent of the current occupant of the oval office. That outcome is a cross such Black voters will have to bear.

November brings another opportunity to right this egregious wrong and the only way to lose again is if 45 convinces you not to vote, because the election is rigged or somehow convinces a few weak folk to agree with his disparaging portrayal of Joe Biden. On his worst day, at his worst moment, Biden is a far better candidate.

All you need to know is 45 paid no taxes for 10 of the last 15 years and you did.

All you need to know is how you or your family served in the military, while the man who is in the White House was referring to you as losers. All you need to know is the Donald was well aware of threats of coronavirus and intentionally downplayed it and hid it from the public, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of American citizens.

All you need to know is, in reference to those who would die from COVID-19, Agent Orange insists it was “just old people.” All you need to know is yet another woman has stepped forward to accuse this sitting president of sexual assault, bringing that number to 25 or more. All you need to know is the current president is rolling back diversity programs within corporate America during a time of social consciousness.

All you need to know is we still have children locked in cages in America, separated from their families. All you need to know is our intelligence confirms that Russia not only placed a contract on the heads of U. S. soldiers but actually saw the killing of three of them result from that arrangement. All you need to know is, his lies top 25,000.

I pray that this column helps shed light on your state of confusion. If you are still undecided, do us all a favor. Don’t vote. Tear your registration card into a thousand pieces as patriotic service to your country. If you can’t walk in the right direction – even the path is spelled out on your GPS – just get out of the way.

Sending a warm, inviting message of affirmation and incitement to a misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic, white supremacist hate group was a bridge too far – even for this pathetic excuse for leader of the free world. Enough.

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  1. Mr. Williams, where is the evidence that Blacks (or African Americans) stayed home or voted third party, way back in 2016? ತ_ತ

    “Nobody” wants third party candidates, certainly not us Blacks. Even Cynthia McKinney, Dr. Lenora Fulani, Gus Hall (with Angela Davis), Ralph Nader and others gave up on running for president. It isn’t worth the effort. ರ_ರ

    Blacks have voted for Democratic Presidential candidates, starting in 1932, with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, because Republican Incumbent Herbert Clark Hoover refused to act on The Great Depression. ರ_ರ

    A more appropriate question to ask is “Who are the electors of the Electoral College that (s)elected Donald Trump?”

    Also, when are the Black leaders and Democrats going to dismantle the Electoral College? ಠ ل͟ ಠ

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