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End of year FREE streaming opportunities for the entire family

By Elaine Hegwood Bowen, M.S.J.

“Peter Pan A Musical Adventure” – stream free through New Year’s Day

A story for all times and for all ages, “Peter Pan” offers every member of your family the chance to experience the delights of theatrical performance—even if those you love are miles away. Now through January 1, audiences around the world can enjoy FREE access to an all-new feature film of Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s acclaimed 2018 production, recorded by multiple cameras in front of a live audience.

IMG 1231Bring the magic of theater home for the holidays, and let faith, trust, and a little pixie dust sweep you off to Neverland. Recorded by multiple cameras in front of a live audience and based on J.M. Barrie’s beloved tale about the boy who wouldn’t grow up, this heartwarming musical dazzles with a score written by George Stiles and lyrics by Anthony Drewe.

Bring the magic of theater home for the holidays! This FREE presentation is streaming now through Friday, January 1 at 11:59 p.m. (CT), only at [].

Congo Square Theatre Company presents “Hit ‘Em on the Blackside” FREE online

IMG 1232Congo Square, one of the nation’s premier African-American theatres, is proud to present the first full show of its “Hit ‘Em on the Blackside” sketch comedy series, available for free online as part of a compilation of the bi-weekly webisodes posted to Congo Square’s social media in the preceding months. “Hit ‘Em on the Blackside” uses thought-provoking humor and satire to cover everything from education on Zoom to questionable science and complicated relationships. It runs approximately 28 minutes and will be available through March 2021, when the next set of sketches launch.

The series is created and directed by Congo Square Ensemble Member Anthony Irons and stars Ensemble Members Ronald L. Conner, Alexis J. Roston and Kelvin Roston Jr., along with friend of Congo Square Tiffany Addison. Irons describes the series as “gut punching, thought provoking, laugh-out-loud satire, with some deep, artistic kinda stuff thrown in for good measure.”

Free online through March 2021 at [].

Live-action short film “Tribes” has FREE streaming premiere Short Of The Week

“Short Of The Week,” the pre-eminent voice in online short film curation with an audience of millions, has debuted director Nino Aldi’s award-winning live action short film (11 minutes) “Tribes:” [].

In this intense, provocative, and satirical look at societal tribalism, a subway train ride between two stations takes an unexpected turn as three men – African American, Arab American, and white – announce their intention to rob the passengers on the packed car. However, none of the guys wants to rob people of their own race or social subgroup. As the themes of inclusion, diversity, and unity unfold, the crime goes off the rails in a hilarious way.

“In a year that has incontrovertibly proven that systemic racism is still a major problem in the United States (and across the world), its discussion of societal separatism feels undoubtedly pertinent,” said Ivan Kander, senior programmer at “Short Of The Week.”

Emmy-winning producer and actor Jake Hunter (Kevin) said: “With ‘Tribes,’ I wanted to tell an entertaining story that sheds light on the conversation around race and, at the same time, inspires the population to realize that we’re all one.”

DeStorm Power (Jemar) said: “As a Black man living in America, growing up experiencing inequity first hand, the effect of racism, police brutality and being discriminated against constantly simply for being Black, ‘Tribes’ reconfirmed to me that I’m not alone in this fight for equality. Bringing this issue to life in a comedic fashion and helping the viewers see its importance, was more than rewarding.”

“The biggest message to take-away from ‘Tribes’ is unity. No matter how you separate people based upon age, gender, race, and ethnicity, we are all connected,” says actor Adam Waheed (Amed).

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