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Elected officials throughout Cook and over 1000 to attend a gathering to promote diversity and harmony through music

Jada D. Curry-Mayor of the Village of Lynwood, Il- will be joined by the Lynwood Village Board, State Elected Officials, County Elected Officials. various local elected officials and Lynwood/Southland residents in celebrating diversity through the beautiful sounds of music.

The much anticipated “Lynwood Lyn Vinia Music Fest “will focus on the town’s firm commitment to diversity, family, and community engagement. The current Lynwood Village Board, led by Mayor Curry, has been recognized as best in class as it relates to promoting, healing, and celebrating the southland’s rich cultural diversity.

“I am so grateful, honored and blessed to represent a community that has looked beyond the deplorable acts of January 6th insurrection as well as other deplorable acts of hate that were prevalent throughout our nation over the past six years. Thankfully, we have a current administration in Washington DC that mirrors our goals in bringing people together from all levels of society. Moreover, I am equally as proud that our Village Board, who not only shares this vision but advocates the very essence of diversity.” says Mayor Curry.

The evening will feature outstanding bands that will provide entertainment that promotes love and community. There will be a special dedication to the popular recording group, “Earth, Wind and Fire” along with a special Stevie Wonder Review by the Wonderlove Band.

In addition, there will be performances by the popular Rocky Road Band and the night will also feature the silky sounds of Chicago’s most notable saxophonist, Marqueal Jordan.

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