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Drainage crew saves Lake County taxpayers thousands

The Lake County Surveyor, Bill Emerson, Jr., P.E. reports that the seasonal Drainage Crew has saved Lake County taxpayers $433,632.00 so far in 2018 compared to hiring outside contractors.

The Lake County Drainage Board and Lake County Surveyor’s Office manages over 600 miles of regulated ditches, storm sewers and drainage tiles throughout Lake County. When an obstruction is found, such as a tree, beaver dam, or debris, the Seasonal Drainage Crew is immediately dispatched to remove it.

20170411 105440The crew also monitors trouble spots that collect debris and prevent the free flow of water. The estimated cost to hire private contractors to perform these tasks so far in 2018 is $499,000.00, and the office has paid the Seasonal Drainage Crew $65,367.75 as of October 25, 2018. This is a savings of $433,632.00 for Lake County taxpayers this year alone.

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The public is asked to contact the Lake County Surveyor’s office if you observe obstruction in a waterway in Lake County. Contact the Lake County Surveyor’s Office at 219-755-3745 if you have any questions.

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