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Decisive multi-racial voting bloc emerges in Indiana elections

Results point to new formula to advance a progressive
agenda –– reject fear-mongering and put families first

Families First Voters delivered a resounding verdict this midterm: Politicians that stand with families and reject scare-tactics are the future of the progressive movement. Despite incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly’s defeat, candidates that put their support behind the Families First Agenda pulled ahead including newly elected State Senator JD Ford in District 29, who defeated Indiana’s most notorious White Supremacist, Chris Chyung for House District 15, Lisa Beck for House District 19, and Kyle Miller in House District 81.

Turning out unprecedented numbers of Black, Millennial, and women voters, the group trained 1,345 volunteers in four counties who reached out to 421,816 infrequent voters prior to Election Day. In response to the Midterm Election results, Act Indiana’s President Rev. Shannon MacVean-Brown issued the following statement:

“Act Indiana congratulates newly-elected Senator JD Ford. In the face of a voter-suppressing, race-baiting, fear-mongering opponent, Senator Ford boldly committed to issues that give voice to working families, people of color, and new immigrants and forged a new electoral path – one that establishment candidates failed to follow and it cost them greatly.

“Donnelly’s defeat serves as a clarion call for red state Democrats, quick to jump on the race-baiting bandwagon in a desperate attempt to woo mythical ‘swing’ — read white — voters at the expense of alienating the very people whose lives so desperately depend on their success. If Democrats want to truly succeed in the future, they need to speak directly to young people, women, and people of color who can tip the scale if engaged.

“The defeat of Indiana’s most notorious white supremacist in Senate District 29 demonstrates that Hoosi- ers will reject politicians who spew violence-inducing hate speech in an attempt to garner votes. The Families First Voter program — a joint project of Faith in Indiana and Act Indiana — built an unprecedented coalition of young people, women, and people of color who are flexing their political power, a muscle that will only grow stronger in 2020 and beyond.

“Regardless of the electoral outcomes of today, the reality is thousands of Families First voters headed to the polls today to pledge to hold elected officials from both parties accountable to stop blaming and focus on healthcare, pre-k, and treatment — strategies that put Families First. We look forward to working with the newly elected officials to implement the Families First Platform and build an Indiana where future generations thrive.”

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