Deadline for enrollment in Obamacare ends December 15


Crusader Staff Report

Time is running out for residents who want to enroll in Obamacare during the coronavirus pandemic. The deadline for open enrollment in the is next Tuesday, December 15.

Affordable Care Act officials say Obamacare is more affordable than ever. Open enrollment started November 1.

According to a new Health and Human Services report, people can find even cheaper plans this year than in years past. Two out of 3 consumers can find a plan this year with a monthly premium of $10 or less. Three out of 4 can find a plan for less than $50 per month. Nine in 10 can qualify for financial help to lower monthly plan costs when they shop at Plus, the number of different plans available to consumers has significantly increased.

Obamacare officials say the coronavirus pandemic has caused the greatest health insurance losses in American history. Demand for coverage will be significantly higher this year, so beat the rush and sign up early.

Last year at, 9 in 10 people qualified for financial help to make their monthly premiums more affordable. 4.7 million uninsured people were eligible for a plan with a $0 monthly premium.

Obamacare officials say if you had coverage through for 2020, you should come back to update your information and compare your options for 2021. Every year, plans and prices change; you could save money by switching to a new plan that still meets your needs. 

If you have questions about signing up or want to talk through your options with a trained professional, call 1-800-318-2596, visit, or make a one-on-one appointment now.



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