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Crusader leading community recognition initiative

Located in the heart of Chicago’s urban violence for 53 years, the Chicago Crusader newspaper is in the vanguard of organizations acknowledging positive contributions in the community. The newspaper’s “Heroes in the Hood” program will celebrate its 24th year of fostering community activism by honoring selfless volunteers in 2017.

Noting that the rising violence in the city indicates a need for expansion of the program, Crusader editor and publisher Dorothy Leavell remarked that “as successful as we have been in identifying positive community volunteers across the city, we need to do more, and we can’t do it alone.”

Leavell’s acknowledgement prompted the Crusader to host an expansion reception on February 9, on the University of Chicago’s campus. She and “Heroes in the Hood” co-founder John McCarthy appealed to community, business and civic leaders to support the proposed enhanced initiative by becoming sponsors.

“Everyone is cash strapped,” said Leavell, “from small business to corporate entities. But the need is great, and our community needs our help.”

Together Leavell and McCarthy introduced the proposed program changes. According to Leavell the updated initiative will continue its awards program, but will incorporate additional components that will strengthen “Heroes in the Hood.”

One of the future program components is the establishment of a Parkway Gardens Alumni group, where former Parkway residents living successful lives will mentor current complex residents.

The Crusader newspaper will take a lead role, providing newspaper coverage highlighting young students, volunteers, and residents throughout the year, doing good things in their communities.


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