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Crusader endorses Cornell Dantzler for 21st Ward Alderman

Photo caption: 21ST WARD CANDIDATE Cornell Dantzler (left) speaks with Crusader Publisher Dorothy R. Leavell about what would make him the best in the April 4th runoff election. The Chicago Crusader has endorsed Danztler in the race for 21st ward alderman.

The Chicago Crusader Editorial board met with Cornell Dantzler on March 20, 2023. With the runoff election only two weeks away on April 4, 2022, Cornell Dantzler, a U.S. Navy veteran and retired Chicago firefighter, is a dedicated public servant who we believe will deliver as alderman of the 21st Ward.

After four productive years of listening to residents and coalescing a dynamic campaign team, Dantzler garnered 22% of the overall vote in a seven person contest in the February 28th, General Election, qualifying him for the runoff contest on April 4, 2023.

“I am grateful, honored and blessed to have received such tremendous support from the voters of the New 21st Ward. This runoff election is not only about the future of the ward but it is an election about honesty, integrity and transparency. My opponent has failed miserably in his efforts to speak the truth about who he is and his intentions. I have dedicated my entire career to public service. I am energized and prepared for this historic run,” says Dantzler.

If elected, Dantzler will inherit a newly drawn ward with many challenges, some of which include public safety, lack of economic development, access to limited health care services, less than adequate senior housing and a deteriorating infrastructure.

The Crusader believes Cornell Dantzler will work tirelessly to enhance economic growth in the “all new” 21st Ward. He will work to address public safety, rebuild and expand the ward’s current business districts and fight to increase its home ownership. In addition, Dantzler wants to place a high priority on improving the public infrastructure within the 21st Ward by rebuilding its sidewalks, streets, and alleys.

Dantzler has a plan to address Senior Housing issues in his Ward and to increase health services, which are high priorities for him.

Cornell Dantzler has received many endorsements from elected officials, clergy leaders and community organizers. Among them is retired Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims. He has also received the endorsement of Bishop L. D. Trotter, Pastor of Sweet Holy Spirit Church and Chicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2.

“I have known Cornell Dantzler for over three decades. He exemplifies every quality in which an Alderman should have. His integrity is second to none, his compassion for the ward is unmatched, he is strategic in his planning, and he is a proven best in class public servant. He is the breath of fresh air that the 21st ward needs.” says Commissioner Sims.

Dantzler has been engaged with many facets of the community. He has contributed mightily to the upward mobility of various neighborhoods within the new 21st Ward of Chicago. Some of these include but are not limited to:

  • The STEPS Mentoring Program (Founder and Executive Director)
  • Fernwood Advisory Council (Past President)
  • Roseland NHS Advisory Council (Past Hero Award Recipient)
  • Mt. Vernon Elementary and Fenger High School Alumni Associations

Dantzler adds, “I am humbled to potentially have the opportunity to represent the community in which I have called home practically my entire life. Moreover, the energy in which I exhibit on a daily basis is grounded in the confidence that many of the 21st Ward residents have instilled in me. Collectively we must move beyond the norm to establish new and unique ways of addressing public safety, attracting economic development, expanding our access to healthcare, and making the New 21st Ward a destination point for all Chicagoans to enjoy.”

“I want to transform our ward into a melting pot of diversity, inclusion and opportunity,” says Danztler.

Publisher Dorothy R. Leavell and the Chicago Crusader Editorial board were not only impressed with Cornell Dantzler’s resume but, more importantly with his honesty, integrity and love for his community. “His understanding of the role of a legislator on behalf of his Ward and the city will make him a strong advocate for the people.”

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