Crossword Instant Ticket Brings $50,000 Prize to Markham Player

Bettina Taylor

Bettina Taylor from Markham is celebrating a $50,000 windfall, thanks to an Illinois Lottery crossword scratch ticket. 

Recently Taylor wrapped up her work day and decided to stop at her local gas station to pick up a few instant tickets before heading home after completing her shift. 

“I had just finished work and was still in my uniform,” said the nurse’s medical assistant.  “When I got home I scratched the ticket and I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was seeing stuff and that maybe I was sleepy!” said Taylor, who is an essential medical worker.

Although it was the middle of the night, Taylor decided to wake up her fiance and asked him to check the ticket, too. Taylor laughed that he was half asleep when she woke him and he thought she was being playful and joking with him.

“My fiance told me to ‘Stop playing!’ because he thought that I was kidding. Then he put on his glasses and checked the ticket and said, ‘Oh Lord! You did win!’ But he kept thinking I won five thousand dollars,” said Taylor.

They decided to show Taylor’s sister-in-law, who also checked the ticket and is the one who broke the news about the amount of the big win. She confirmed to Taylor that the win was actually for a much larger prize then they had both previously thought – a $50,000 prize!

“My heart was beating so fast at first that I thought I was getting ready to have a heart attack,” laughed Taylor. “Then I told myself to calm down, drink some water and look at the ticket again. I did this about three times and started having palpitations.” 

Taylor said she finally calmed down and continued to check her ticket, both in-store and on the Illinois Lottery app. In total, she checked at least five times and still could not believe it.  

After claiming her prize, Taylor decided to purchase a vehicle, “With my win I bought a car, it’s a truck which is the best way to go,” she shared. She was happy she made this decision especially given all the snowfall this winter.

The winning ticket was purchased at Mobil gas station, on 1401 Torrence Ave. in Calumet City.

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