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The Craziest Election of All Time

Beyond the Rhetoric

By Harry C. Alford

I am 68 years old and have been watching presidential races since 1960 (Kennedy over Nixon). The 2016 race is totally different than any I have ever seen. Let me begin by running down some of the finalists.

Bernie Sanders is a proclaimed Socialist. His wife and he spent their honeymoon in Moscow during the old Soviet Union days. This is about as close as one can be without being declared a Communist. What is scary is that most Americans are not alarmed by this fact. He wants to tax the hell out of rich people and let government provide free education from pre-K through college. Doesn’t that sound like communism? How did the Democratic National Committee allow him to enter into the contest? What is more shocking is that he is competitive against an establishment opponent – Hillary Clinton.

On the Republican side we are seeing something quite unnatural. We have Donald Trump, a businessman with no political experience at all, on the verge of winning the RNC nomination. It is amazing how ridicule, criticism and verbal goofs do nothing to hurt his popularity. The harder they (press, pundits, opponents, etc.) go after him, the more popular he becomes. He has stayed in the press while spending very little money. So far, he has taken no political donations as he makes personal loans to his campaign and leverages his name and persona to get unstoppable media coverage. He knows what the majority wants to hear and he is providing it for them. Americans are fed up with our political environment and are responding to Mr. Trump’s mantra. I am even starting to like what he is saying and believe he means it – unlike a typical politician.

You can say what you want about Hillary Clinton but one thing is for sure. She has done it her way! Where do I begin? Here is a former Secretary of State who ignored the pleas for more security from our Ambassador to Libya. Eventually his fears were realized as he was murdered. Hillary and key individuals in the White House concocted a lie about how it happened and delivered it to the American people. It was clearly a lie. It was a conspiracy to lie to the families of the four victims who died and to the American public. Still, here she is running for the Presidency of the United States. Surprisingly, she is leading the DNC side of the campaign. I guess it doesn’t matter to many of the American people. This is troubling to me.

The above incident doesn’t even compare to what Hillary has done on the technological side. It is clear that Hillary decided to have her own server placed in her residence to conduct government business. Much of which is classified and some was even secret. All of our government’s security was endangered by this unprotected server. Hackers must have had a field day looking in on what our nation was doing with international matters. Why did she concoct such a scheme? Simply to avoid the Public Records Act. She wanted to do what Hillary does – which is anything she feels like and then keep the truth from getting out. You can say that is a bad habit or behavior that is less than integrity. But the bottom line is: It is illegal!!! Which is why a full FBI investigation is going on. Usually, the longer a FBI investigation takes, the worst the news is going to be. Imagine, over 100 FBI agents and several US Attorneys working full time on one case.

In addition to the above, Ms. Clinton will be sued by several independent nonprofit associations. Clearly she created illegal behavior in the attempt to hide the truth from these various groups. They will have her in court for many years regardless if she is found worthy of indictment or not. All of this and, yet, she might be elected President of the United States. Impeachment would be right around the corner – just like her husband. What are we to do with a felon president? We had one before – Richard Nixon who resigned and got a pardon from his successor Gerald Ford. Are we going to go through that again?

So, here is America down to three finalists for the highest office in the free world. The rest of the world must be wondering are we about to go down? Will we lose our freedom and greatness? What about the haters (there are plenty of them)? Will they get cocky and try to strike us or bluff their way into power? Is Putin as crazy as many of us think he is? We are drifting away from our Founding Fathers.

I don’t know about y’all but this thing is losing its comedy and is starting to concern me. Is it as scary as it seems?

Mr. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Website: Email: [email protected]


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