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CPD celebrates with 318 new officers as part of hiring plan

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Department (CPD) Superintendent Eddie Johnson on Tuesday, April 10, commemorated the graduation of 318 new police officers, Field Training Officers, training supervisors, traffic specialists and command staff in a ceremony at the Arie Crown Theater as part of an ongoing hiring plan to grow CPD by nearly 1,000 officers.

The graduating class includes 193 new police officers and celebrates the promotion of 104 Field Training Officers, 11 command staff members and 10 traffic specialists.

The 193 graduating police recruits are 23% women and approximately 56% of the graduates are from minority backgrounds, with 78 officers CPS graduates, 21 veterans and 39 who have a CPD family member.

Police recruits spent five months at the Police Academy and will now begin their one-year probationary period, which includes three months training with a Field Training officer and district patrol functions.

“I am proud to welcome the next generation of Chicago police officers who are joining CPD at a time of historic positive change and sustained gun violence reductions,” said Johnson. “These new officers have received best-in-class training on our revised ‘use of force’ policy as well as training in cultural sensitivity. They will be tasked with personifying our community policing policy to build lasting relationships and trust with the communities we serve.”

In addition to the new police recruits graduating, CPD is celebrating new promotions.

This includes the appointment of First Deputy Superintendent Anthony Riccio, Bureau of Organized Crime Chief Noel Sanchez, Bureau of Detectives Deputy Chief Brendan Deenihan and the promotion of five new District Commanders, as well as three new Captains. This includes the position of 18th District Commander, which was vacated after the murder of Commander Paul Bauer last February. Superintendent Johnson has selected 6th District Executive Officer, Captain Daniel O’Shea, to fill this role.

“I congratulate and thank each and every new officer and promoted member for their commitment to the residents of this city and to a safer and stronger Chicago,” said Emanuel. “With new tools, technology and training to meet challenges head-on, each of these sworn members will put on their uniform and badge to serve and protect the people of Chicago with dignity, integrity and professionalism every day.”

This graduation continues to fulfill CPD’s hiring plan to add nearly 1,000 officers to the Department that reflect the values of the communities they serve. Since the beginning of 2017, more than 2,200 CPD members have been hired or promoted as part of the hiring plan. This includes more than 1,400 new recruits, 70 Lieutenants, 214 Sergeants, 270 Detectives and 213 Field Training Officers who have entered the Academy.

Following this winter’s Be The Change CPD recruitment effort, the city has invited 8,773 candidates to take the May Police Entry Exam. Of these applicants, 47% are CPS graduates, 9% are veterans, 33% are female and 78% self-identified as a minority. Be the Change reflects the belief that this new generation of police officers will be future leaders who define how police support, protect, and work together with Chicago’s communities. The Be the Change campaign, recognized as a national model by the Department of Justice Violence Reduction Network, encompassed a combination of grassroots outreach, traditional print and radio advertising, and online and social media marketing.

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