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Cook County Returns to Timely Property Tax Schedule

Second Installment Bills Due August 1, 2024, for First Time Since COVID-19 Pandemic

Cook County property tax officials announced today that second installment property tax bills for Tax Year 2023 will be available to property owners by July 2, 2024. Nearly 1.8 million tax bills will be accessible online and mailed out in early July, with a due date of August 1, 2024.

The calculation and issuance of property tax bills involves a complex process coordinated among various local and county agencies and is conducted in two installments each year. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this process faced significant delays, with the due date for the 2023 second installment being December 1 and the 2022 second installment being December 30.

This year’s timely release marks a significant milestone, as the bill cycle returns to the schedule outlined by state statute. This accomplishment was achieved through the collaborative efforts of separately elected officials working together to restore the billing schedule.

The successful collaboration was facilitated by the Property Tax Reform Group, convened by the Office of the President. This group meets weekly to develop strategies aimed at creating a more equitable, efficient and accessible property tax system for all Cook County residents. The group includes officials from the Cook County Assessor’s Office, Cook County Clerk’s Office, Cook County Board of Review and Cook County Treasurer’s Office.

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