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Cook County Judge Raymond Myles shot dead outside home


Cook County Associate Judge Raymond Myles was killed Monday morning outside his Chatham home in a shooting that left a 52-year-old woman injured.

Police say the two were shot outside Myles home in the 9400-block of Forest Avenue at about 4:51 a.m. Myles was 66.

Police said the woman was a close associate of the judge. She was confronted by someone after she went outside of Myles’ home for work. Police said that after exchanging words, the woman was shot in the leg.

Police said the judge came outside after hearing the commotion, he got into a heated argument with the gunman and was shot multiple times.

Myles was transported to Christ Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The woman was also transported to Christ Hospital and is expected to be survive.

Police said that they are reviewing surveillance video, but no one is in custody. Police also said robbery is a potential motive, but unable to determine if anything was taken.

The FBI is offering a $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of the gunman.

Myles served as judge in the county’s criminal division, where he has presided over some high profile cases.

He was the judge who ordered William Balfour to be held without bond. Balfour was eventually sentenced to life in prison for murdering three members of actress and singer Jennifer Hudson’s family.

Two suspects in the Brown’s Chicken Massacre in Palatine appeared before Myles shortly after they were arrested in 2002.

And just two years ago the judge was attacked after getting into a fender bender on the South Side. The other driver punched the judge in the face breaking his nose.

Myles’ attacker, 22-year-old Deandre Hudson, was arrested 10 months later and is still awaiting trial.

Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County Timothy Evans released a statement saying, “I join all of the judges today in the Circuit Court of Cook County in expressing our sadness regarding the tragic passing of our colleague and friend, Associate Judge Raymond Myles. I offer my deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues in the Criminal Division.

“Judge Myles joined the court in October 1999 when the Illinois Supreme Court appointed him to fill a vacancy that he held for just over a year. The circuit court appointed him as an associate judge in June 2001, and he has served in the Criminal Division since March 2009.

“Judge Myles joined the bench with a wealth of experience in law and extensive service to the community. I have always known Judge Myles to be focused and determined in the pursuit of justice, and his conduct earned him the confidence and respect of the people who appeared before him.

“All of our colleagues at the Leighton Criminal Court Building will miss Judge Myles, who they came to know for his kindness and his impartial administration of justice.”

Resume of Judge Myles submitted when he applied as an associate judge.

Judge Myles’ resume


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