Controlled fires set at Marquette Park

Marquette Park Pavilion

In Gary’s Miller community, controlled fires were started to destroy ticks in Marquette Park. The fires were started and controlled by Ecorealm, LLC and will be set during this winter’s burn season – this November through April 2021. The controlled fires also help control the view-obstructing woody brush and restore the native plants and wildlife of healthy oak savanna.

Burns are necessary maintenance for the major grant funded restoration work done in the park a few years ago.

These areas will be burned with a south wind so that smoke should go toward the lake. We will temporarily reroute traffic from the Marquette Drive/Montgomery/Oak Avenue loop inside the Park, to Forest Ave and North Newton St.

Burning and road closures will likely be between noon and 4 p.m.

The neighborhood homes should get no more than minimal smoke because fires must be set with a south wind.

Contact Sandy O’Brien, natural area manager with Ecorealm, LLC, if you have a smoke sensitive health issue or other concern and would like to be notified about the exact day of this or any future controlled burn, at 219-743-0679 or via email at

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