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Congressional Candidate, Chris Butler, Holds Together Rally In Response to the New District Map

The Illinois state legislature has finalized the newly redrawn congressional district map. Chris Butler, congressional candidate for the 1st District is concerned that the map design encourages division in Chicago. Butler believes that the jagged, narrow district disenfranchises voters who must consult maps to find out exactly who represents them. Butler is concerned that the map was drawn to include far more urban votes than any other, allowing politicians to remain in power without paying any attention to the people living outside of the city.

“They’re hoping that we’ll spend our energy addressing the problems in our district by arguing over race and region rather than asking them to do more work to better the lives of the people in all parts of our district,” states Butler.

In response to the redistricting, Butler is hosting a “Together Rally” on Wednesday, November 10th to pronounce unity over the district, and to emphasize how important it is for the people within the district to work together to move things forward.  A diverse group of speakers are lined up from all areas of the 1st District. Over a 100 community leaders and members are planning to attend.

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