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Community Civility Counts receives international recognition

The Gary Chamber of Commerce recently announced its international recognition as the authors of the Community Civility Counts initiative. At a Capitol Hill ceremony chaired by Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers and comprised of individuals from approximately 50 countries, Chamber Executive Director Chuck Hughes and the Public Policy Committee Chairman Dr. Gordon Bradshaw were given National Statesmen Degrees. It is a nonacademic degree that honors both individuals for their work on behalf of humanity.

Chuck Hughes
Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes because of his idea that inspired the Community Civility Counts initiative, which is now a global initiative and his life-long contributions to society was bestowed an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities Degree from the United Graduate College and Seminary International (a recognized Ministry Degree). “I have been blown away by the universal acceptance of the Community Civility Counts campaign. I am deeply humbled by the individual recognition that has been shown me by so many groups and individuals,” said Chuck Hughes.

The Gary Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Chairman, Yvette Irons-Johnson said, “We congratulate these gentlemen and we also want to thank everyone who has seen fit to be a part of this wonderful program. We encourage everyone to come aboard and join us next year for the second annual World Civility Day.”

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