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Community Benefits Agreement should build and protect

By Andrea M.Thompson

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Housing is a basic human right and a vital component to improving ones quality of life and building a thriving community. It impacts teens, our elderly and our veteran community too. To that end, America’s Hero’s Group featured an on air interview with Dr. Byron T. Brazier of the Apostolic Church of God about the work of the Network of Woodlawn, it’s quarterly community meetings with residents and stakeholders, and the Network’s position on the recently proposed ordinance that is being referred to as the Community Benefits Agreement.

Brazier expressed his thoughts on the ordinance supported by newly elected alderman, Jeannette Taylor, in a candid conversation with Cliff Kelly that aired on Saturday, October 5.

Brazier began with pointing out that there is a need to distinguish between a housing ordinance vs a community benefit. The ordinance as it stands is problematic in that it is not a comprehensive community led plan but rather a set aside that will benefit one group of residents while hurting another. Brazier went on to say, “Focusing solely on building housing for the severely poor is not new, it is old and doesn’t work as evidenced by State Street Corridors and Michael Reese hospital that still hasn’t been developed.” The concentration of poverty has and continues to lead to blighted and disenfranchised communities.

Woodlawn needs to be protected and while the ordinance does that, it does not build. So, the question becomes what do you want to build? The ordinance as it reads does not answer that question.

Brazier signed off emphasizing the importance of our veteran community giving credit to his father, the Honorable Bishop Arthur M. Brazier and the foundation named after his mother and father that has veteran specific initiatives to provide resources and support to those who have served in the armed forces.


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