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Collaboraction To Mark One Year Anniversary Of Capitol Riot With Live, Virtual Screening Of ‘Oh Colonizers!,’ January 6, At 7 p.m. CT

Collaboraction, Chicago’s social justice theater company, will mark the one-year anniversary of the Capitol Insurrection with a live, online screening of the pilot episode of Carla Stillwell’s “Oh Colonizers” on Thursday, January 6, 2022, at 7 p.m. CT.

oh colonizersTickets are $6 or FREE with a CollaborActivist Membership. Go to for more information and to register. Registration is required to receive the Zoom link.

In this pilot episode of her new series, Stillwell, producer at Collaboraction and Chicago’s self-proclaimed Cultural Historian of Black Joy and Resident Philosopher, remixes a Masterpiece Theatre format with a TV reality dating show to expose the folly of what she calls “Honkey Kong 2021.”

With her signature humor and insight, Stillwell unpacks the ways white people throughout America’s history have spread “oppression mayonnaise” over countless Black and brown people, focusing particularly on the period after the Civil War when America had a choice between emancipation, reconciliation and capitalism. The 12-minute show is punctuated with several hilarious mock TV ads peddling white people’s favorite false products and services like Audacity Energy Drink and Confederate Cellular.

IMG 1020
IN OH COLONIZERS, Collaboraction producer Carla Stillwell remixes a Masterpiece Theatre format with a TV reality dating show to expose the folly of the January 6 Capitol Insurrection.

Following the screening, Stillwell will join a live Zoom discussion reflecting on the historical themes of “Oh Colonizers,” the start of the new year and the current state of American social and political discourse.

Oh Colonizers connects the Insurrection to the Civil War in that the citizens who seceded from the Union were never punished after the Civil War ended. This lack of accountability is also why citizens thought it was ok to storm our Capitol, injure police and take the building hostage. We will screen this informative and hilarious historical satire on January 6th to provide an educational tool for us all,” said Anthony Moseley, director of “Oh Colonizers,” and Artistic Director, Collaboraction Theatre Company.

Oh Colonizers Trailer – YouTube

For more information, visit, follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, or call (312) 226-9633.

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