America is in new territory, one that might be called an internal “cold war.” The elections have been held and the Biden/Harris team has emerged as the declared winner. Today, after several challenges initiated by the Republicans, it is still true that the Biden/Harris team are the apparent winners, but in a strange turn of events the sitting president, Donald J. Trump, refuses to concede. In fact, there was a “Million MAGA March” held in his honor, demonstrating the fact that most of his supporters still do not believe that he lost, and they believe that the Democrats are guilty of “stealing” the election.

That last point is truly ironic, in that the Trump administration has done a number of very obvious things to thwart the election process. This ranges from tampering with the post office by removing postal machines and mailboxes to participating in voting suppression by cutting down on the number of voting sites in certain states resulting in long, long lines and hours of waiting to vote. Actually, the shenanigans began even before a single ballot was cast. Donald Trump used the power of persuasion laying the groundwork in the minds of his extremely gullible sycophants by saying that if he lost, it would be because of fraud. He also cast a wide net of suspicion on the mail-in ballot process alleging that the process would benefit the Democrats who would somehow tamper with the ballots.

The truth of the matter is that Donald J. Trump is a master manipulator. He is able to control the minds of those who are inclined, for whatever reasons, to follow him. It reminds us of what happened in Jonestown where at least 900 followers of Jim Jones drank poisoned Kool-Aid in a mass suicide. (Actually, at the last minute, some individuals decided that they didn’t want to die, but they ended up being shot).

A lot of people who know about the history of World War II have wondered how one man and his party of National Socialists (Nazis) were able to convince a whole nation of Germans to turn a blind eye or, in fact, actively participate in the attempted genocide of a large group of people without intervening. Of course, there were a few brave souls who did try in their own way to save some of the victims, but for the most part, the German people swallowed the proverbial Kool-Aid just like those in Jonestown, only this time it resulted in the deaths of over 6 million Jewish citizens and a smattering of victims from other groups. Donald Trump brings to mind the same power of ominous persuasion.

It should be obvious to anyone at this point that the problems that we are facing in America are MORAL in nature, and that what we are experiencing with Trump is not normal. He is holding America hostage. He has access to the nuclear codes, and he has demonstrated a friendship with our global enemies who favor fascistic governing strategies. Recently, he has started speaking ominously about planning for war with external enemies. While this is happening, some of his followers are planning an internal war, a civil war on American soil, and Donald Trump has done nothing to dissuade them.

It is no secret that Trump has a lot to lose when he leaves office. There are legal problems that he will most likely face that had their origins in business practices that predated the time that he sought the office of the presidency. He is probably panicking when considering the possibility that he may end up facing incarceration for his previous legal transgressions.

This is a sad state of affairs, and the nation is faced with some very difficult decisions. The Trump administration refuses to give the Biden team access to transitional information, which is outrageous and puts the entire country in jeopardy, from pandemic issues all the way to matters of national security. And while this is happening, he still has almost half of Americans who actually support his anti-democratic, nihilistic, fascistic tendencies. And herein lies the danger: Donald J. Trump, like Hitler, has hypnotized half of America, and this threatens to lead us all down the road to destruction through internal strife if people don’t wake up. Let’s hope that the forces of decency prevail, and that Trump and his minions are sent off into the sunset; but this can only happen if the forces of darkness are overcome by enlightened Americans of all ethnic persuasions. A Luta Continua.

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