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Cobb named press secretary for Hillary Clinton

Delmarie Cobb, a veteran Black journalist and seasoned public relations consultant has been appointed press secretary for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The appointment comes as the Black vote has become a critical factor in the Democratic primary race between Clinton and Vermont Bernie Sanders, who soundly defeated his opponent in the New Hampsire primary February 9. The defeat has drawn concerns about Clinton’s chances for the White House after she lost in a state that saved her husband’s struggling presidential campaign in 1992.

With the Illinois Primary less than a month away, Hillary’s campaign needs Cobb to help keep Black voters as Sanders steps up his campaign for the Black electorate. Hillary’s campaign, is also targeting Black women voters, a loyal electorate that traditionally has a high turnout at the polls. With Sanders riding a wave of momentum from his win in New Hampsire, Hillary’s campaign is increasingly relying on Black women voters to win the Democratic nomination for president.

Ms. Cobb’s knowledge of politics and political campaigns is much sought after by the media. Over the years, she has made many appearances on “Chicago Tonight,” “848,” and “Beyond The Beltway.” She also has been interviewed by many local, national and international reporters for a variety of media—including “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Fox And Friends,” and “The Take Away.”

Cobb is the owner and CEO of The Publicity Works, a Chicago-based public affairs, political consulting and media relations firm. She is also the president of Deleco Communications Inc., a television production company, which produced the award-winning, nationally televised newsmagazine program, “STREET LIFE” on PBS affiliates.

Cobb began her media duties for political campaigns in 1988 as national traveling press secretary to presidential candidate JESSE JACKSON. As a supporter of New York Senator Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential bid in 2008, she was sought after for interviews by local, national and international media. In 2000, she served as Illinois State Director for presidential candidate Bill Bradley.

In 1996, she became the first Black press secretary to the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION. Cobb was a political consultant for former Illinois Comptroller DAN HYNES and communications director on the re-election campaigns of DICK DEVINE for Cook County State’s Attorney. Her firm, The Publicity Works also served as the political consulting firm to U.S. Rep. JESSE JACKSON JR., in the 1995 special election—developing the need for the South Suburban Airport as the major plank of his campaign platform. Three years earlier, she helped to orchestrate a victory for then Alderman BOBBY RUSH against incumbent U.S. Rep. Charles Hayes. She has consulted on many other statewide and national campaigns.

Currently, Ms. Cobb writes a column to a growing number of subscribers–“Chicago Colors” is often picked up by a variety of media outlets. She started as a television news reporter working for network affiliates in various markets throughout the country. Upon returning to Chicago, she became a radio talk show host, a television producer, and a columnist—writing social and political opinion pieces.

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