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Cline Avenue Bridge Building to be constructed in January

Linda Figg and Mayor Anthony Copeland

Recently there was a presentation by the Figg Bridge Group to the East ChicagoPlanning Commission about the new facility that will be constructed for the Cline Avenue Bridge coming soon. The facility will cost over one million dollars to construct and will be built with private funding at no cost to tax payers. At this facility you can get your pass to drive over Cline Avenue. One exciting feature of this pass will be a point system. You can accumulate points with your pass to get discounts to use at local businesses. You will also be able to use any existing drive pass. No certain price has been set for the toll bridge as of yet, but for certain, the City of East Chicago will see a percentage of the tolls go back to the city. Construction should begin in January and the bridge will come shortly afterwards. Mayor Copeland was excited about the economic impact this will have on our community. “This will help our local businesses and economy expand once again and create over 300 local construction jobs, said Mayor Copeland.”

Linda Figg is President/CEO and Director of Bridge Art for FIGG, an international firm that exclusively specializes in bridges.

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