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Chicago White Sox to possibly add ads to uniforms

By Joseph Phillips, Sports Editor,
Chicago Crusader Newspaper

With the baseball season on hold due to COVID-19, the White Sox and other MLB teams might be adding a few changes to their current look: “advertisements to their uniforms.”

The move could be coming soon, as Major League Baseball and the players’ union continue to try to figure out a way to get a shortened 2020 season off the ground.

According to NBC Sports Chicago, big changes are being proposed for the game.

The group said the latest league proposal includes the adoption of the designated hitter in the National League and the playoff field expanding from 10 teams to 16 teams. And it’s also being speculated that once implemented, those changes could be permanent.

If the players return, the league will possibly play a 60-game season. And with them possibly playing a 60-game season, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reports that advertisements would be allowed on team uniforms.

“The sport just got a uniform overhaul this year, with Nike taking over the manufacturing and design of team uniforms,” said “Even though most fans might not have realized it, considering the start.”

For teams that need advertisement dollars, it could be a change for the good. And as of Crusader press time, the White Sox interest has not changed on the notion of adding ads to their uniforms.

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