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Chicago student protesters vow to return in greater numbers

By Chinta Strausberg, Chicago Crusader

Despite the rain, a group of diverse students last Thursday evening marched on the South Side at times shutting down the Dan Ryan Expressway and Garfield Blvd., where they called for an end to police-related shootings, but their next target was the Magnificent Mile.

Their signs were enough to tell their stories including one that said “Love, not hate,” and an end to “killer cops.” Their chants were loud as they passed the 51st and Wentworth Police Station, bellowing “arrest, indict and convict killer cops.”

They were reacting to the police-related shootings of Tuesday’s shooting death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, who was selling CD’s behind a convenience store in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile, shot while trying to give police his drivers license in Saint Paul, Minn.

While organizers refused to give their names, Harold Hall, shared his reason for participating. Hall lost one of his sons to gun violence. While his son was killed in a robbery, Hall said gun violence has reached epidemic levels and that it has no place in law enforcement when it comes to shooting innocent people. “This is a national crisis,” he told reporters.

Ignoring the rain, they marched West on 51st Street then South to Garfield Boulevard, where they shut down the street chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” “Arrest, indict and convict killer cops….”

Forming a circle, they linked hands at 51st and Wentworth vowing to return in greater numbers and demanding an end to police killing Black unarmed men.

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