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Chicago police issue community alert after burglars pose as utility workers

By Bill Kissinger and Marcella Raymond,

A warning is going out to people living on the south and southwest sides: robbers posing as utility workers are talking their way into homes.

Chicago police have issued a community alert for the neighborhoods of Bridgeport, Gage Park and McKinley Park.

They say as many as five men have been acting as utility workers to get inside homes and take property.

The robberies have all happened this month — between January 5 and January 27.

Police have released only vague descriptions of the robbers, but there could be as many as eight offenders – two unknown white males between 20-30-years-old; one male white Hispanic between 40-45-years old, 5-feet-8-inches tall and 200 lbs; and three unknown offenders.

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