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Chicago Park District announces Spring Park Program registration to kick off February 22

Chicago Park District spring program registration begins on Monday, February 22, with in-person registration to begin on Saturday, February 27. Ballet, yoga, softball, boxing, boot camp, learn-to-swim and soccer are among many of the offerings soon to be available for the upcoming season.
· Parks located west of California Avenue will begin registration Monday, Feb. 22 at 9 a.m.
· Parks located east of California Avenue will begin registration Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 9 a.m.

“There isn’t a better time to get active than in the Spring,” said Michael P. Kelly, General Superintendent and CEO. “The Chicago Park District offers thousands of opportunities for families to get fit, explore a new hobby, or learn a life-saving skill such as swimming at an affordable cost.”

In-person registration begins either Saturday, February 27 or Monday, February 29 depending upon the park. Spring programs can be now be viewed and wish lists can be created in advance of registration to save time. Spring programs run from the week of March 28 to the week of May 30.

The Chicago Park District continues to reach record registration numbers. Registration numbers in 2015 were a whopping 35% higher than in 2012. Given the popularity of programs, patrons are encouraged to follow the registration tips listed below:

· Check your account login and password before registration begins. If you have not already created an account, do so prior to registration day.
· Add all persons who you plan to register for on your account.
· Create a wish list with the programs that you plan to register.
· View the registration process page for additional information.

For more information, visit or call 312-742-PLAY.

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