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Chicago natural hair blogger, Meechy Monroe, dies at 32


The beauty and natural hair world was rocked as news of natural hair and beauty blogger Tameka “Meechy Monroe” Moore’s death surfaced recently. She was only 32-years-old.

Monroe’s natural and gloriously curly hair was also her identity and her livelihood. A popular beauty blogger whose YouTube videos have gotten nearly three million views, Monroe has gained a devoted following among African-American women, whom she encourages to celebrate their natural hair.

Being one of four sister in a close-knit Chicago family, Monroe chemically straightened her hair in her teens and early 20s. But after being tired of bad haircuts and chemically damaged hair, in 2009, she cut it off, grew an Afro and began experimenting with new styles.

It was those experimentations that she filmed on youtube and found herself answering questions, gaining fans and helping others with their journey as well. Her and her sister, Ms. Vaughn, were known in the blogging community as The Monroe Sisters.


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