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Chicago Heights City Clerk totally prepared for Bloom Township Supervisor race

Lori Wilcox, who is the current Chicago Heights City Clerk and Bloom Township Democratic Committeewoman, is officially announcing her campaign for Bloom Township Supervisor. If elected, Wilcox would be the first woman and African American elected as Township Supervisor. Wilcox made waves in 2018 when she unseated a 20+ year incumbent and was elected as the second African American Democratic Committeewoman of Bloom Township.

In 2011, Lori Wilcox was the first elected to City Clerk of Chicago Heights. She is currently serving in her third term of office. Shortly after being elected, Lori partnered with various organizations hosting Educational, Political, Empowerment and Mentoring Seminars to promote Civic Engagement.

She credits the township’s residents’ desire for improved diversity as the key to her historic election victory as Democratic Committeewoman in 2018.

“Bloom Township has an unfortunate history of not being receptive to change in its residents, government and culture. Our campaign is one of not only complete diversity, but inclusion in every aspect of our platform for Township government. Our motto is total inclusion, no exclusion,” says Committeewoman Wilcox.

Wilcox, who is running as a Democrat, has focused her attention to three areas in which she believes the current township administration has failed in their governing process. For too long the Township government has been the poster child for the lack of accountability, transparency, gross fiscal mismanagement, as well as the lack of modernizing Township services that benefit every resident regardless of their demographic characteristics.

Wilcox adds, “Accountability is an elusive concept, but understanding where it originates helps citizens find ways to hold government accountable. I have given my life to public service, but moreover I have an outstanding reputation of being transparent, in which the voters have rewarded me with numerous election victories.”

If elected, Committeewoman Wil- cox, who is a proud U.S. Army Veteran, plans to expand and modernize Township services that would enhance the citizens’ ability to utilize technology in accessing services. In addition, Wil-

cox will launch a full-scale marketing campaign of Township services that will ensure that every resident is acutely aware of every program and how to engage themselves.

Over the past several months, the Wilcox campaign conducted a listening tour throughout every portion of the township. The overwhelming complaint has been the enormous rate of fees and taxes in which the current township administration has been responsible for implementing. Wilcox has a plan to trim the township budget by eliminating wasteful spending and excessive salaries of some administrative positions. She will also seek to hold the line on taxes by refraining from any pursuit of an increase.

Wilcox further states, “We need to have a more conservative but compassionate approach to how resources and dollars are spent within the township. The dollars should be directed more toward programs that directly benefit our residents, not for useless political jobs and spiked salaries.”

Committeewoman Wilcox holds a Bachelor of Arts from Western Illinois University, an ABA Approved Post-Bachelor Paralegal Certificate from Roosevelt University Chicago, a Master of Education from AIU and is pursuing a Doctor of Education Degree.

Lori is also proud to announce her slate of Democratic candidates for various other positions within the township. The diversity of her slate confirms her mission of inclusion, and no exclusion in Township affairs.  The slate also includes six veterans, with five of them being combat war veterans.  The diverse slate of candidates include Larecia Tucker – Township Assessor; Frank Perez – Highway Commissioner; Leonard Morgan – Trustee; Robert Benavides – Trustee; Ricardo Leon – Trustee; and LeShawn Ridley – Trustee.

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