Chicago-based artist advocacy non-profit Play Together onboards two local artists


Play Together has onboarded two respected local artists: femdot., a first-generation U.S. born Chicago rapper and social activist, along with the sought-after fine artist, muralist, and TedX speaker Liz Flores for its next audio-visual collaboration to benefit the non-profit Delacreme Scholars. Delacreme Scholars was founded by femdot. and will direct funds provided by the Play Together collaboration to offer art scholarships to Black and brown youth artists of Chicago.


femdot. has committed to releasing two singles as a part of the Play Together collaboration. “Back Home” and “Lifetime,” featuring fellow Chicago rapper Saba, explores elements of who femdot. is and hopes to set up a larger story down the line. It’s rooted in experiences that he feels embodies his current mindset and will be released November 5.

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Flores will draw inspiration from the music to create a painting and a mural dedicated to the project located in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

Collaboration artwork will be released as limited-edition premium denim jackets as well as signed art prints, available for purchase. The original Flores painting will be available for purchase through the collaboration. After covering the costs of the project, including fair compensation to the artists for their time and artwork, all remaining proceeds from the collaboration merchandise will be directed to Delacreme Scholars. Play Together has furthermore pledged a minimum $5,000 distribution to Delacreme.

As a thank you for significant donations provided, key donors will be given exclusive access to a virtual roundtable discussion on equity and arts education with Chicago non-profit leaders and Collaboration artists. Key donors will also have their names included in the mural to commemorate their support for the project.

The mission of Delacreme Scholars is to provide micro-scholarships to Black and brown students of Chicago and abroad who require mid-semester funds to remain in their college education classes. Proceeds of Play Together Collaboration #2 will be directed to art students of color (writing, music, visual arts, performing arts, and design) through Delacreme scholarships.

“As a Black man in America, who has seen what wealth looks like and what poverty looks like, I understand that gap and how we are left without resources,” femdot. said.

“College was a struggle for me to afford; becoming an artist was even more challenging. I’ve lost so many friends to violence or jail. With friends who sell drugs, friends who go to school, and friends who are forced to sell drugs to afford to go to school, I am motivated to drive another path to well-being and education through Delacreme Scholars.

When Play Together came to me with the idea to collaborate with a talented artist to drive support for Delacreme Scholars, I saw it as a great opportunity to invest in the next generation of Chicago artists of color.”

Liz Flores

Flores was selected by femdot. and his team from a list of potential artists, as they felt her colorful, minimalist and humanistic artwork would be the perfect stylistic match to accompany and bring the music to life.

Flores showcases the shared complexities of being human, the female form and the importance of connection and community. This unique perspective is what attracted large brands such as Jack Daniels and Lululemon to commission her to create original murals for their commercial spaces, as well as is what fuels a loyal following of her work, who support her vision with purchases of canvas and prints on her site:

“I really resonate with Play Together’s mission to help the next generation of Chicago creatives,” Flores said. “I always want my art to have meaning and life behind it – to have a purpose.”

The concept of Play Together is to unite artists and donors mutually concerned with social impact. The non-profit  provides the artists a one-stop shop to give back to their communities by raising proceeds for a Chicago youth arts program of their choice. “Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, yet also is one of the most segregated,” said Play Together founder Jessica Tenuta. “Throughout history, artists have been at the forefront of challenging systems of power — we’re proud to be their platform to invest in the next generation of Chicago creators.”

The collaboration with femdot. and Liz Flores builds on the positive momentum of its initial collaboration. In 2019, Play Together paired Chicago-based soul-inspired Indie rock act, Violet Crime, with Chicago fine artist, Julius Bautista.

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