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Chance the Rapper makes video game coded CPS students official music video for ‘I Love You So Much’

By Leah Hope, ABC7 News

Kids motivated to code their own video games have developed one that got the attention of Chance the Rapper!

The Grammy-winning South Side native announced Monday that the video game, titled SuperMe, created by Chicago Public School students is the official video for his latest song with DJ Khaled.

“I’ve decided I’m going to make it the official video game with my song with DJ Khaled ‘I Love You So Much,'” Chance announced via a pre-recorded messaged.

This is the first time a platinum artist has made an online coding game in place of the official music video.

Students created characters using people they consider heroes in their communities.

So how do you move those characters?

“They put in scoring boxes so that they could keep score in their games. They added movement, so they could use the up and down arrows and the side arrows to actually move the sprites, around so they were learning to code video games,” said CPS computer science specialist Chris Beck.

The students were thrilled to learn that their video game was public, but teachers said they hope students realize this experience could impact their futures.

“I hope they can start thinking ‘I made this game, I have an idea for something different,’ and to take what they’re thinking about and what’s in their minds and bring it out to the real world,” said CPS fourth grade teacher Mahmoud Aliamer.

Additionally, Chance and Google announced they will donate $250,000 to Chance’s nonprofit SocialWorks and CPS computer science initiative, CS4ALL, to allow more students to learn about computer science.

“It means so much to us, it means that we can go into more schools on the South and West sides that don’t have computer science right now,” Beck said.

Code Your Hero, a new activity modeled after the CPS students’ game, is also available to students and teachers.

This article originally appeared on ABC7 News.

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