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Chance the ACTIVIST, Chance the DAD, Chance for PRESIDENT

By Shantell E. Jamison,

At just 24, Chance the Rapper is wise beyond his years. The Chi-Town MC knows the secret to success, and it isn’t limited to simply being “blessed.”

See, Chancelor Bennett has a keen sense of self-awareness that most people his age—hell, the world does not possess. The Coloring Book musician doesn’t believe in forcing things. So when he ventured off to Hollywood in an effort to further his career, it was his intuition that served as his compass.

“There are a lot of spaces where you feel like God isn’t around,” Chance states of his brief time in L.A during an interview for EBONY with contributor Adrienne Samuels Gibbs. “I got some vibes. You have to listen and be aware of your discernment, and if somebody tells you to leave? Then get the f*** out of there. You’ll feel it … . You just have to listen to God.”

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