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Chance the Rapper dismisses scathing article written by Sun-Times columnist

By Lisa Chavarria,

They say no good deed goes unpunished.

Just three days after announcing he was donating a million dollars to Chicago Public Schools, Chance the Rapper is under fire. A Sun-Times columnist is exposing his child support fight.

Chance the Rapper took to Instagram in response to the article, with his child’s mother and the toddler in tow. His fans are also taking to social media saying his efforts to bring school funding issues to a national stage shouldn’t be pushed aside over a child support issue.

“Y’all better do y’alls jobs and stop worrying about how good my family is,” Chance said in a video posted on Instagram.

In the article, columnist Mary Mitchell warns that this is an issue not taken lightly in the black community. She writes, “If this personal issue is handled callously in the public, Chance the Rapper’s clean-cut image could take a big hit. After all, you can’t hand out money to benefit children you don’t know and come off looking like you are being stingy when it comes to your own child.”

Fans took to Twitter expressing their disappointment with the article, with one tweeting, “NO. He’s taking care of his child. This is misleading and a slander of @chancetherapper’s character.”

TMZ live also took on the debate.

“When a guy steps out like that and addresses a problem in area that people want to seem to ignore. For somebody from around that way to come in and criticize that and find something negative to pick out of it, it’s kind of disgusting to me,” said Van Lathan.

Chicago artist Rhymefest says he had his fair share of stories written about him when he was running for political office. He supports what chance is doing, but warns when you get involved in the political sphere, your life is explored.

“When you speak against the Governor and when you enter a political space, you should expect certain things to happen that don’t happen in just artists spaces. You’re now in a political space,” Rhymefest said.

Chance handed out $10k checks to nine CPS schools Thursday night. He again took to Instagram.

“Look at all these teachers, these educators in here. We love you. I love you guys. Do your job,” Chance said in the Instagram video.


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