Census says 95 percent of households have been counted


Questions remain if all households in Chicago’s Black wards were counted

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The U.S. Census says 95 percent of all U.S. households have been counted with 66.1 percent of responders coming from residents and 28.9 person from census takers.

Census officials this week have begun releasing completion dates for all U.S. states. The data includes self-reporting rates from residents reporting counts by mail, online or by phone. The data also includes enumeration rates, which is work from census takers documenting counts by door-to-door visits or telephone follow up calls.

In Illinois, the U.S. Census says 96.9 percent of the state’s 4.8 million households have been counted. Approximately 70.6 of this data came from residents who responded by mail, online or telephone. Census officials say 20.4 percent of the counts came from census workers who canvassed neighborhoods during door-to-door visits.

The Census latest information, however, does not include enumeration data by city, but only self-response rates. According to the Census website, on September 22, Chicago’s self-response rate was 59.5 percent. In their weekly city ward reports, Chicago’s self-response rate was 60.4 percent.

The U.S. Census does not include enumeration rates on Chicago’s 50 wards. The city’s 18 Black wards had the lowest self-response rates between Hispanic and white wards, leaving much work for Census takers to fill in the gaps. Throughout the census count, there were concerns that Black neighborhoods would be undercounted because of low response rates and hard to count areas.

Nearly 45 percent of households in Chicago’s Black wards have not submitted their counts as the U.S. Census draws to a close in this final week.

A Crusader analysis shows the self-response rate of the tens of thousands of households in Chicago’s Black wards, with the lowest numbers.

According to the latest Chicago ward reports, 175,877 out of 385,861 households in the city’s Black wards have not responded to the Census count. That’s a 54.5 percent overall response rate for Black wards.

Reports show that most households in seven Black wards did not self-report their Census counts with self-response rates below 50 percent as of September 21.

That was an improvement from September 14, when eight households had self-response rates below 50 percent.

In this week’s ward reports, the self-response rate in the 17th Ward crossed the 50 percent mark after having a response rates of 49.6 on September 7 and 49.9 on September 14.

In the 16th Ward, only 43.3 percent of 19,693 households submitted their census counts by mail or online. That means Census takers somehow had to count 8,735 households in the 16th ward that did not self-report their numbers.

Among the other Black wards with self-response rates over 50 percent, only one has a self-response rate of over 70 percent. That is the 18th Ward, where 72.1 percent of 18,597 households have submitted their Census counts. Throughout the Census, the 18th Ward has consistently been at the top of all 50 wards with a high response rate. However, even in 18th Ward, concerns remain about households that have not submitted their counts.

As of September 12, some 210,914 out of 386,861 households in Black wards have responded to the Census with a 54.5 percent overall self-response rate. That’s the lowest among the Latino and white wards, the Crusader has learned.

Together, Chicago’s 14 Hispanic wards had a self-response rate of 56.1 percent. Three have self-response rates below 50 percent and another three have self-response rates over 60 percent. No Hispanic ward had a self-response rate of 70 percent or higher.

Chicago’s white wards have the highest self-response rates in the city. Together, all 18 wards have a self-response rate of 66 percent. Individually, all white wards have a response rate over 50 percent and 16 have self-response rates of 60 percent. Five white wards have self-response rates of over 70 percent. The 19th Ward has a self-response rate of 76.2, the highest among all 50 Chicago wards.The overall response rate in Chicago is more than 60 percent. Out of a total of 1,172,202 households, 468,707 have not responded to the Census.

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