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Casually strolling through life is OK; until we miss out on opportunities

Taking an ordinary stroll can help one absorb and enjoy the atmosphere. But have you ever thought, “how many opportunities you possibly miss” due to slothfulness?

Over the weekend, my husband and grandson visited me from the east coast. During the pandemic, commuting has caused families to consider protecting their loved ones at risk and travel less frequently. Thus, causing fewer visits and more caution. We decided to take advantage of our unity and splurge on a trip to NASA.

It was our first visit, and the weather was fitting enough to enjoy the sun and the mid-tempered air. It was apparent spring had arrived, and students were on spring break. Young and old experienced the possibility of exploring what it’s like to function at the highest level of intuitive connection known to humanity. There’s something unique about scientists. They’re able to tap into equations, imaginary images and create them into a reality. Inspired by the many tools and observatories within the museum, my grandson constantly encouraged us to keep moving. He wanted to view as many sections as possible.

There were moments where curiosity carried me away. Looking into the simulated skies, I recognized infinite possibilities are available to man. Yet only a few have been able to access enough it to profoundly carry them into another atmosphere and experience walking on other planets—what a unique ability. I began thinking, what does it take for anyone to focus long enough to access unforeseen structures? Is intuition something that’s issued on an assembly line in heaven? Or is it a gift we’re all equipped with, and we’re so familiar with it that there’s no need to access it regularly? Have we become comfortable with it? What does one need to do to tap into his or her ability to become innovative?

I believe it’s accessible whenever we’re ready to exercise its muscle. Yes, I did say “muscle.” Operating from an intuitive state of mind requires knowing what you want, permitting yourself to visualize, not judging what evolves during the thinking process, and lastly, taking actions to make it all come alive.

I think back to how many times I’ve had a creative thought and sat quietly with the unbelief of whether it could become possible. Looking into the wonders of my grandson’s eyes, I momentarily became a child again. Everything looked different. I could see the hope in his eyes to one day walk the moon, twirl in mid-air without any attachments on his body, and launch into the atmosphere in a tiny capsule just big enough to hold three people. At the same time, hoping it would never run out of fuel.

I know the impression this visit imparted into his little spirit will forever leave a mark on his memory with an inquiry of his ability to explore other planets and contribute significantly to society in such a way to impact the future of the world. The excitement was so upon him; he briskly encouraged us to move faster to experience every exhibit. From one section to the next, he wasted no time. If my husband and I wanted to keep up, it required us to have a different mindset. After I realized what he was encouraging us to do, I yielded to any resistance. It was getting near closing for the exhibit. Suddenly, I mentioned to my husband, “If we hadn’t moved as brisk as we did, we would have missed enjoyment of the majority of the museum.

Which brings me to this point, where else in our lives do we maneuver slothfully during opportunistic moments that could ultimately change our lives forever? Yet, because of familiarity or the desire to absorb as much as we can, we miss out? Time runs out, and we’re left wondering where did it all go? Weeks, months, and years go by, and we’re still pathetically moving like pond water (which doesn’t move, by the way!). When we allow ourselves to move like a tortoise, it can be a misfortune more than an opportunity. Inventory your life today, review the areas you can begin taking action, and move forward with opportunities presented before you at the moment because we know not what tomorrow may bring.

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Sistah Soldier is an intuitive influencer who uses multi-media to help women veterans narrate their inspirational stories before, during, and after the transition. She’s the CEO, Host, and Executive Producer of SHE VET iNSPIRES Television Show and the Executive Recruiter for SHE Works DigitalTM.

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